BCS is the largest public examination conducted by Bangladesh Public Service Commission to recruit people to Bangladesh Government Civil Services.
It takes a lot to achieve in this massive examination.

BCSPrep.com is your online companion in pursuit of becoming a government cadre of Bangladesh.

Right now we are focusing on the Preliminary stage of the BCS Exam. We will be updating our contents for Written and VIVA in course of time.

You can skim through a lot of questions by categories and discuss with others on a question or specific topic over Facebook or our page.

If you want to contribute to BCSPrep.com send us an email detailing your intentions to hello[at]bcsprep[dot]com.

You can participate in Random Model Tests

A random model test is auto generated by computer. We are also planning to add hand crafted Model Tests to the site.
Also we have added a Search system to quickly look for a specific question and get its answer.

You can be an honorable question contributor by adding your question to our database. We want to create the largest question bank available online for BCS related exams. The service is currently free and we want to keep it that way in future too. Be a part in this process. You can see existing question contributors from here.

Now you can save a question for reading later. You need to login using your Facebook account, and then from any question you can save to your Bookmark List.

Disclaimer: Some questions might be out of date due to timeline, and it is not guaranteed that the answer you see here is the correct answer. Always follow latest books and papers for latest information. Thank you.

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