Model Test

Below is a computer generated random model test for BCS Preliminary Examination. You will need javascript support in your browser(Don't worry, all the modern browsers have that support). The timing is upto you to control. Each question has 36 seconds to answer.

1. Choose the correct alternative of selected text "When one eats in this restaurant, you often" find that the prices are high.
2. Three-fourths of the work __ finished.
3.  I look forward ___ you.
4. A child could not have done this mischief. - change voice
5. An image on a national flag can symbolize political ideas that --- express.
6. Eliminating or killing of a whole race ?
7. _ his earlierstudy,the Professor\'s new study indicates a general warning trend in global weather.
8. The parent will ____ soon.
9. Say what kind of sentence the following is?- You always speak the truth
10. She told me his name after he _ .
11. State in which the few govern the many -
12. Similar relationship expressed in the pair: Conscious- Careless
13. Many men, many----
14. When a person says he’s `all in’ it means .
15. Although he has failed in the written examination, he is using "backstairs influence" to get the job.
16. Meteorology is reveled to . . .
17. Accrue
18. Choose the meaning of the given expression: "No news is good news"
20. They called on me "over and over again".
21. What is the verb of the word 'ability'?
22. This river teems ...... fish ?
23. Synonym of - CONSEQUENCES
24. The ministers arrived __ a decision last night.
25. Find out the correct translation: সকাল থেকে গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে।
26. Synonym of - MELD
27. \'Animal Farm\' was written by _.
28. One who is unable to read or write?
29. Select similar to: Handy
30. Could I have a ___ of ice cream?
31. The bad news struck him like a bolt from the__
32. He knew it was a avery _ operation, but he was determined to carry it out .
33. Which phrase contains words opposed to each other in meaning?
34.  You have to come back at any------

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