Model Test

Below is a computer generated random model test for BCS Preliminary Examination. You will need javascript support in your browser(Don't worry, all the modern browsers have that support). The timing is upto you to control. Each question has 36 seconds to answer.

1. I wish i could ____ several languages.
2. Which is the correct sentence?
3. The hen has ____ ten eggs.
4.  ‘’Cut to the quick’’ means--
5. Identify the correct sentence:
6. Toxic - synonym ?
7. correction - He said, every man should (look up) the future.
8. Antonym of - DEARTH
9. The synoym of ‘pandemonium’ is ------.
10. The passive form of the sentence “some children were helping the wounded man” ‒
11. Choose the correct one:
12. You had better --------here.
13. Synonym of - RANT
14. Our friends will --------- for two nights.
15. Blue chip is
16. No one can - that he is clever.
17. Antonym of - STATIONARY
18. Cricket enjoys a huge ..... in Bangladesh.
19. Choose the correct spelling
20. I will have the IT company ------- my computer
21. Nobody — Alam knew the way.
22. If you (call to him) to explain your problem he will help you. choose correct words-
23. Choose the correct answer. How long did you wait ?
24. I --- a reply to my letter in the next few days.
26. ‘Such claim needs to be tested empirically’ means –
27. The play "Arms and the Man" is by -
28. How did you come -- this picture?
29. He was turned ---- from the school.
30. List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting -
31. Find out the correct antonym of  the following word-- Provoke  
32. The readers like ---- better than mine.
33. Choose the correct sentence
34. The ministers arrived __ a decision last night.
35. In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given word:- Omnipotent

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