Model Test

Below is a computer generated random model test for BCS Preliminary Examination. You will need javascript support in your browser(Don't worry, all the modern browsers have that support). The timing is upto you to control. Each question has 36 seconds to answer.

1. Which one is correct sentence?
2. Choose the suitable word/phrase to fill the blanks. After food has been dried or canned -- for later consumption.
3. Stockings are _ socks
4.  Which one is a compound noun?
6. He died--- diarrhoea
7. The groom arrived at the community centre exactly ----- time.
8. translation of - রাণী ছবি আঁকে-
9. The board of directors were not fooled by the manager's ___ arguments; his plan was obviously ___.
10. ‘Head over heels in love’ means
11. Lengthen : Prolong
12. When the bell rang, everyone stopped………….
13. I know better. 'BETTER' is__
14. In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given word:- Sporadic
15. If we had a boat, we ________ the river.
16. The proposal was tentative means, the proposal was ------.
17. The word ‘diabetic’ is--
18. His words are susceptible __ flattery. Fill in the gap-
19. Synonym of - IMPROVEMENT
20. Antonym of - ACQUITTED
21. Delay : Retard
22. Fierce - antonym
23. Placate ?
24.  "Life is a tale told______ an idiot."
25. The children were entrusted ____ the care of their uncle.
26. Everyday ……………….begins at 9 O’clock and ends at 3 O’clock.
27. He is always seeking ..... wealth ?
28.  ‘Apple of one’s eye’ means-
29. Synonym of - WARRIOR
30. The adjective of ‘rigidity’ is ------.
31. Choosing a small, fuel-efficient car is a ______ purchase for a recent college graduate.
32. Find out the correct antonym of  the following word--'Prosperous'
33. ’Prior to’ means
34. I opened the door as soon as I ____ the bell.
35. When a person says he’s `all in’ it means .

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