Model Test

Below is a computer generated random model test for BCS Preliminary Examination. You will need javascript support in your browser(Don't worry, all the modern browsers have that support). The timing is upto you to control. Each question has 36 seconds to answer.

1. Do not insist ___ his going there.
2. One should be careful about ___ duty.
3. The government is considering ---- a new international airport.
4. Where is the --- post office?
5. ‘evaluating’ means
6. They will inform the police. - voice change
7. Delay : Retard
8. Which sentence is correct ?
9. What is the synonym of competent ?
10.  I look forward ___ you.
11. I would like -- information.
12. The team is made _____ 11 players.
13. He watched the boat __ down the river.
14. "Justice delayed is justice denied" was stated by_
15.  He was accused ______killing a young man.
16. I congratulate him ____ his bright result.
17. In spite of my requests, he did not __.
18. Either he or his brothers ____ guilty.
19. She is good ___ lawn tennis.
20. Find out the correct antonym of  the following word-- Picturesque
21. Women are too often ---- by family commitments.
22. The word ‘desperation’ is a/an
23. He walked round the house- bare foot.
24. The antonym of “Panic” is -
25. It ___ a great shock to everyone because he had not said a word for 10 years.
27. Affirm : Hint ::
29. The film was directed in the director's usual .... style.
31. The antonym for ‘inimical’-
32. I don’t think you will have any difficulty __ a driving license.
33. Select the correctly spelled out words
34. Which one is the correct expression?
35. Birds fly __ in the sky.

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