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The expression ‘take into account’ meansconsiderLink to Question
Idiom "Burning Question" Means:গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয়Link to Question
To be above boardTo be honest in any business dealLink to Question
Owing to the power cut in the area, factories are being forced to ...... menlay offLink to Question
To ‘raise ones brows’ indicate-disapprovalLink to Question
The idiom "A stitch in time saves nine" -- refers to the importance of - timely actionLink to Question
The phrase "nouveau riche" means -- New richLink to Question
‘Hire a man’ means--to employ a manLink to Question
The phrase ‘At a stretch’ means:without breakLink to Question
A green horn.An inexperienced manLink to Question
To blow hot and cold.To be inconsistentLink to Question
 At one's wit's endPerplexedLink to Question
 The meaning of the Idiom/Phrase: Iron will-strong determinationLink to Question
The expression ‘’cats and dogs’’ means---heavilyLink to Question
‘’At daggers drawn’’ means---on the point of fightingLink to Question
 ‘’Cut to the quick’’ means--to hurt intenselyLink to Question
‘To kick the bucket’ means to--dieLink to Question
’Nota bene’’ means--mark wellLink to Question
‘’Red letter day’’ means--a day of remembering special eventLink to Question
What do you mean by the phrase ‘Sit on the fence’?remain neutral in a disputeLink to Question

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