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Choose a suitable word/phrase to fill in the blanks of the given sentence. Travelers --- their reservation well in advance if they want to visit the St. Martins island.had better getLink to Question
Choose the suitable word/phrase to fill the blanks. After food has been dried or canned -- for later should be storedLink to Question
The doctor suggested that the patient --------- weight.loseLink to Question
Our friends will --------- for two nights.put us upLink to Question
The ozone in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere is beneficial, -------- animal and plant life from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.protectingLink to Question
Once the audience began to applaud and laugh at his jokes, Monem felt more ---------.relaxedLink to Question
We drove ---------- the river for an hour -------- turned north before we reached it.towards, butLink to Question
There is --------- in one of front teeth.decayLink to Question
We would like to vote__ the liberal candidate.forLink to Question
I’d like ------ information, please.someLink to Question
Yoga is ------ a good exercise for ------ breathingconsidered, controllingLink to Question
A man ----- by a speeding bus while he was crossing the road.was run overLink to Question
He ----- prefers ----- speak very little.himself, toLink to Question
It ----- heavily when he ----- up.was snowing, wokeLink to Question
Misuse of ----- energy has ----- destruction.atomic, wreakedLink to Question
There is ----- milk in the bottle.very littleLink to Question
I have ------ him to give ----- smoking.told, upLink to Question
The groom arrived at the community centre exactly ----- time.onLink to Question
He hates ----- kept be, waitingLink to Question
True happiness consists __ contentment.inLink to Question

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