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Assert- DissentAffirm- ObjectLink to Question
Distort- TwistHarmonize- BalanceLink to Question
Similar relationship expressed in the pair: Conscious- CarelessCareful- IndifferentLink to Question
Select not similar word to given word: Viablethat will workLink to Question
Sky : Bird :: Water: ?fishLink to Question
Racket :Tennis ::?Bat:CricketLink to Question
FUND:EMBEZZLEDWriting:plagiarizedLink to Question
Event: MemoriesFire : ashesLink to Question
Repeat:Continue:: AgainReiterateLink to Question
Very often:Seldom:: FrequentlyRarelyLink to Question
 Which one is in abstract sense?passionLink to Question
Let us begin by looking at 'the minutes of the meeting'. Here the quoted word means---written recordLink to Question
He is proud of his aristocracy. Here ‘aristocracy’ means-blue bloodLink to Question
What is the meaning of the phrase ‘come into force’?make effectiveLink to Question
relationship similar to "Harm:Damage" ?Injure:IncapacitateLink to Question
Choose similar combination: BINDING : BOOKframe : pictureLink to Question
EXPLORE : DISCOVERresearch : learnLink to Question
FINCH : BIRDDalmatian : dogLink to Question
PETAL : FLOWERtire : bicycleLink to Question
PSYCHOLOGIST : NEUROSISophthalmologist : cataractLink to Question

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