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Library is to book as book is to?pageLink to Question
DENTURE:TEETHscarf:headLink to Question
SCRIPT:PLAYscore:symphonyLink to Question
APPLE : FRUITRose : FlowerLink to Question
FEATHERS : PLUCK ::wool : shearLink to Question
Setting : stone ::socket : bulbLink to Question
Music : Guitarwords : typewriterLink to Question
Oxygen : Respiration ::sunlight : photosynthesisLink to Question
Stove : Kitchen ::sink : bathroomLink to Question
Wealth : Luxuries ::ticket : admissionLink to Question
Angle : Degree ::area : square inchLink to Question
Ship : Harbor::car : garageLink to Question
Lend : Borrow ::dictate : governLink to Question
Chair : Bench ::rule : yardstickLink to Question
Smoke: Pollution ::war : deathLink to Question
Request : Refusal ::try : failureLink to Question
Confidence : Deception ::hostility : kindlinessLink to Question
Gazelle : Swift ::swan : gracefulLink to Question
Affirm : Hint ::charge : insinuateLink to Question
CRUMB : BREADsplinter : woodLink to Question

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