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Compensation - synonymRewardLink to Question
Benevolent - synonymCompassionateLink to Question
Bizarre - synonymStrangeLink to Question
Linguist - synonymPolyglotLink to Question
Which of the following are SYNONYMS for the word MISGIVINGworry; hesitation; qualmLink to Question
PRODIGAL - synonymthriftyLink to Question
adept - synonymall of theseLink to Question
Choose the best alternative - We should give a "wide berth" to bad characters.Keep away fromLink to Question
Choose the best alternative - The bank charges an "exorbitant" rate of interest.excessiveLink to Question
Best alternative - One whose attitude is: "eat, drink and be merry" - EpicureanLink to Question
Far Cry - meansLong distnaceLink to Question
Blue chip isA first class equity shareLink to Question
The changes in the organization were so gradual that they seemed almost _____________?imperceptibleLink to Question
What do you understand by the term "Call Money"?Inter-bank short-term lending and borrowingLink to Question
Panacea means___?Cure allLink to Question
Synonym for "Extempore" - ImpromptuLink to Question
Synonym for "Menacing"AlarmingLink to Question
choose the word/phrase that best retains the meaning of the underlined word/phrase in the given sentence - Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to "get his ideas across"make his ideas understoodLink to Question
choose the word/phrase that best retains the meaning of the selected word/phrase: What may be considered "courteous" in one culture may be arrogant in another.graciousLink to Question
identify the incorrect word/phrase in the following sentence: 'Every' man or woman 'should' vote 'for' the candidate of 'their' choice.theirLink to Question

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