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Wordsworth introduced the readers _ a new kind of poetry.toLink to Question
Who wrote the two famous novels , \'David Copperfiled\' and \'The Tale Of Tow Cities\'?Charles DickensLink to Question
Who wrote the plays , \'The Tempest\' and \'The Mid Summer Night\'s Dream?William ShakespeareLink to Question
\'Animal Farm\' was written by _.George OrwellLink to Question
\"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?\" These lines were written by _.ShelleyLink to Question
\'Protagonist\' indicates_the leading character of actor in a playLink to Question
'September of Jessore Road' - কবিতার রচয়িতা Allen GinsbergLink to Question
Money mainly serves as a_Medium of exchangeLink to Question
Paradise Lost was written by___?John MiltonLink to Question
"Justice delayed is justice denied" was stated by_GladstoneLink to Question
Who is poet of the Victorian age ?Robert BrowningLink to Question
Who is the author of `For Whom the Bell Tolls' ?Ernest HemingwayLink to Question
Who is the greatest modern English Dramatist?George Bernard ShawLink to Question
Who is the modern philosopher who was awarded Nobel Prize for literature?Bertrand RussellLink to Question
Who is the author of 'A Farewell to Arms'?Ernest HemingwayLink to Question
Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?Jonathan SwiftsLink to Question
“Caesar and Cleopatra” is-A play by G. B. ShawLink to Question
'The Rainbow 'is -.a novel by D.H. LawrenceLink to Question
'Tom Jones' by Henry Fielding was first published in -.the 1st half of 18th centuryLink to Question
Which of the following school of litarary writings is connected with a medical theory?Comedy of HumoursLink to Question

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